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Dangerous online predator (Sepulchre) callout post
UDPATE:  Just a quick update:  I sent a comment linking this journal post onto Equestria Daily's "Nightly Discussion" the other day and they featured the comment getting a lot of people's attention.  There are also some people discussing this on Derpibooru and it looks like a lot of them were already familiar with this guy before I said anything.  I would like to give a huge thanks to EQD and everyone else who has gotten word out of this.  We're getting there!  Also, for those who haven't noticed, he's still going around in comments posting long replies with someone's personal info.  I have been told these are fake and it's not an actual address to someone's existing home but I am not going to screencap those comments for obvious reasons just in case it is real.  And remember, do NOT reply to him, just block and report.  If all of you report his comments, hopefully DA will actually realize something is going on and keep him from ever acce
:iconaleximusprime:AleximusPrime 32 152
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Sapphire, Sketch, and Six (Shading Practice)
So I re-made my 3 MLP OCs using Pony Creator (not that creative I know). And I decided to practice with some shading in not much to say here.

In case any of you are curious, here's the background for how these OCs came about (from right to left)

Sapphire Beam: My very first OC. Originally having black fur with a different Mohawk, I've had this OC since my early days in the fandom (about early to mid-2012). He's a DJ/EDM musician.
Sketch Media: My current OC (the one that's essentially the face of my deviantArt as well as my YouTube channel). He's the OC that, personality wise, closely resembles myself. He's an artist and content creator.
Six Strings: My lesser known OC, Six represents my love for rock/metal music (with him being a guitarist and all. Playing guitar is one of my favorite hobbies).

Oh yeah, feel free to draw them if you want to! Would love to see what you crazy people come up with. Hopefully, I'll have the motivation soon to actually draw them soon.
Alright another quick update: No wallpapers are in the works right now, but I do have some videos that I'm working on at the moment (one with a fellow brony editor and two solo videos). I hope to have all three of them out by the end of the's a link to my YouTube channel (in case your wondering):…
And just like that, when I should be doing college work or working on some MLP related stuff, I decided to binge watch Death Note again (the anime, not the movie).
So I finally decided to watch AoT season 2... I'm liking it so far
Yesterday, myself and a friend made the two-hour long trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma to see Dream Theater (my favorite band of all-time) perform their latest album The Astonishing in it's entirety. And man, what a show it was. The music, the visuals (which were amazing, I'll have some of them linked below. They're worth the watch), and the performances (John Petrucci especially) are top notch, and proof that even though they've been at this for 30+ years now, they're some of the most talented musicians that progressive metal/rock has to offer today.

And on top of that, this was the first Meet and Greet I got to participate in. I got a photo with the band and they signed both my copy of the album and the concert poster that we got with our package (other people brought copies of the band's biography, guitar and keyboard tab books, and some of their instruments as well). It was a dream come true to actually meet the people who have completely reshaped how much I appreciate music as a whole (I've been a fan since 2009, right when I started high school). It was a great experience. If you are a fan of Dream Theater, you really should consider doing the meet and greet package just once. You won't regret it. Hopefully I'll be able to do this again but we'll see.

All in all, a phenomenal show that's worth seeing before they wrap up the tour to prep for the next album.

Here's the trailer for the tour as well as some of the tour visuals that the band uploaded to their YouTube channel:


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I'm a nerd about movies, video games, music and most importantly, ponies.

Check out my YouTube channel! I make the occasional PMV and other stuff.


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